Email Delivery Best Practices and Tips for 2014 Holiday Season – ExactTarget

Who knows more about email marketing deliverability than a compliance specialist at ExactTarget? Not too many people, I imagine. So, take a look at the 5 Tips and Best Practices Email Deliverability for the 2014 Holiday Season that Mickey Chandler offered on the ExactTarget marketing blog. Here are the 5 Highlights…

1. The rules of the road aren’t going to change.

2. Watch how deeply into your list you go.

3. Cadence can thrill or kill.

4. Volume still matters.

5. It’s all about the data.


Targeting opens/clicks with no purchases

One of the tried and true practices that Top Right users love!

You send out an email with a time sensitive offer. You want to gently remind those who have shown an interest in the offer but not annoy those who have already purchased but don’t seem too interested. What do you do?

You simply target the subscribers who have opened or clicked on an email but have not made a purchase since the initial email was sent. We call that a follow-on email.

What is also great about this technique:

– Super effective. You can regularly count on conversions 3-4x that initial email – a great ROI.

– Efficient. You can repurpose the same email and schedule the follow on at the same time you schedule the initial email.

– Simple. Want to learn how simple it is to do in the Top Right fueled version of ExactTarget? Go here (