Top Right Makes Email Marketing Easy

How Top Right Works for You

Automate, Create, Target, Deliver and Report

Our clients want their email tool to work for them and increase their sales. Successful email marketing requires an advanced email tool, customer data and someone to show you how to use it.

Automatic Store Connection and List Management

Automatic emails such as Thank You emails, Product Review requests, Replenishments, and more are all made possible by the flow of data from the Yahoo! store into the Top Right system.

Top Right makes it so all the customers from a Yahoo! store automatically appear in the email tool. Top Right has done all the programming to connect via the Yahoo! API - one of the great time savers found in the Top Right system. In addition, site visitors can sign up for newsletters via subscription forms. The tool also handles bounces and unsubscribe requests, as expected.

Segment Customers Based on Past Purchases

With all the historical data from the Yahoo! store present in Top Right, creating customer segments is point and click. The flexible tool enables segmentation on a number of variables such as:

  • the value, frequency or timing of a customer’s last purchase;
  • what a customer bought ranging from the product id to the category and much, much more;
  • where the customer is (including the ability to exclude non-US residents).

The simple to use segmentation tool is built for marketers and is one of the more powerful features available in Top Right (especially since the data from the Yahoo! is automatically present). It is truly a fun toy.

Send Messages Automatically or On a Schedule

The data flow between the Yahoo! store and Top Right opens up new possibilities for when and how messages are scheduled. Messages can be triggered and sent based on a customer purchase (or non -purchase) as well interaction within emails.

Of course, messages can be sent immediately to an entire list or specific segments, scheduled for delivery at a later date, setup as triggers, A/B tests and more.


Top Right uses technologies and best practices to make sure email gets delivered. Top Right works with clients to employ key technologies such as DKIM/DomainKeys and configurable bounce settings. In addition, Top Right’s segmentation techniques also increase engagement – a key element to deliverability.

Track revenue and email performance stats

All email systems report on opens, clicks, bounces, etc. Top Right, with its automated connection to Yahoo! store, puts revenue performance statistics right up front.

Top Right focuses on reporting Revenue Per Email (RPE). RPE is such a powerful metric because it quickly distills the impact of email marketing programs. It is automatically integrated into the system. No additional programming or changes to the Yahoo! store are required.

Yahoo! Store Specific Features

Top Right is dedicated to helping Yahoo! stores. As the system grows, new features that work especially for the Yahoo! store are added.

Single Use Coupons – In 2009, Yahoo! Merchant Solutions introduced single use coupons. Top Right makes Yahoo! store single use coupons feature more powerful. Simply create a list of coupons, ASSIGN the coupons to specific users in Top Right using a point and click rules engine, and send the emails.

Simplify Email Creation

No more copying and pasting, or saving your images in a separate email system. With Top Right’s integration, those extra steps are completely eliminated within the Top Right system.