Online Retail to $279 Billion in 2015 – Forrester

I first saw the data through TechCrunch. The full press release can be seen here.

The report highlights what our clients already know – with the economy on a slight reboud, online growth accelerated for a bunch of reasons. The most important are the increased use of the web and increased merchandising.

Highlighted in some of the coverage is that 21% of respondents expect to increase spending online and at discount stores.

On a personal level this completely gibes with our life. We live in the City and have a baby just about 10 months old. We buy most of what we need online. I don’t think he’s ever seen the inside of a grocery store (we get our food at the farmers market). I know he’s only been to Best Buy once – I just had to get some AV equipment for babyproofing). He’s never been to a big box nor department store. And, after this weekend he’ll likely never go to a club store with his mother. She’s swearing them off after a horrific experience at one this past Sunday morning.  When you get everything delivered at reasonable cost, why spend all your time driving around and shopping?

Now, if there was a way to teleport the products and get rid of all those darn boxes…

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