Top 10 Deliverability Misconceptions…

Kudos to Rick Buck over at  He’s written an excellent article on the top 10 deliverability misconceptions.  You can find it at

I want to emphasize what he highlights as misperception 4: I need to have 100 percent delivery and deliverability rate 100 percent of the time. This misconception has as much to do with the email marketers as it does with ESP salespeople.  You will often hear ESP sales people positioning their solution as having higher guaranteed deliverability than the industry average (or some other made up metric).  The salespeople really ought to stop. They’re just confusing the market and sewing misinformation.

Yet, the “our delivery is better” message can be effective in at least getting a marketers ear. Whether its due to a lack of understanding or complete trust in their ESPs, most email marketers don’t know much about the inner workings of deliverability. In large part, they leave that to us, their trusted Email Marketing partners. They think, “hey, I am paying for deliverability.”

The marketers are correct. They are paying for deliverability. But, it’s not just some black box algoritm among the ISP, ESP, email format, email content, blah, blah, blah. As Rick highlights, it takes paying attention to good, clean lists of engaged subscribers.

Want to learn more? Head over to and read Rick’s column.

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