What next… a kazoo?

As any business person will tell you, the way to success is through the discovery of a niche or a previously unexploited market. Still, few business people, and even fewer musicians, would have believed that there was a market for the sound of the melodica. What next, they would have sniggered, a kazoo?

Pandora bio for Reggae legend Augustus Pablo

A melodica, for those of you who don’t know, is a “blow organ”. You blow through a tube into a keyboard. Playing the keys while blowing makes music. That is, if you are Augustus Pablo.

Augustus Pablo, for those of you who don’t know, is a reggae musician producer who played the melodica on many successful and hugely critically acclaimed dub albums in the 70s.

Not only did I find that quote entertaining, it relates really well to our clients – who I admire every day. Our clients are niche players – attacking ecommerce segments that many people would never think of. Surely, they aren’t considered sexy (some are actually really sexy). I love how they’ve grown businesses where no one else saw one.

I also relate to the quote because our niche is sometimes a melodica. But, not always. I am super excited to attend Inbox Love on February 25 in Mountain View. It will be great to attend a conference about the inbox in the heart of Silicon Valley. Thanks to 500 Startups for pulling it together.

At the event product leaders from the top internet companies will be on hand to share their thoughts on the futue of the inbox. Be on the lookout for a post on what we observed and learned.

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