What to know about deliverability

Just when you think you know something about deliverability, you get a huge curveball.

I was just reading through a list of 5 big myths about email deliverability.

Here’s what they claim and I am going to continue to monitor these claims. I am sure some email marketing salesman will use statements such as these in typical Fear Uncertainty Doubt based sales approach.

The claims include:

  1. Text emails don’t matter.
  2. In email clicks don’t matter. (Note: the support for this says only they don’t track what exactly they click on, not that they don’t track at all).
  3. Subject line content doesn’t matter. They only matter if they lead to a negative action.
  4. It’s not who you know. I disagree with this one as some ISPs still maintain direct contacts with many of the top ESPs. Just because doesn’t, doesn’t mean relationships don’t matter.
  5. The unsubscribe link doesn’t have to be prominent, just present. Cool ;-).

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