Shopify Email Marketing

Shopify Email Marketing Results You Expect

Integrated email marketing for Shopify. Data, tools and guidance to simplify, automate, target and track lifecycle messaging programs.

Enterprise Class Email for Shopify Stores

  • Drive market leading ROI with customizable programs.
  • Save time with turnkey integration and automation.
  • Stand out from the crowd with an enterprise class toolset.
  • Get the guidance needed to get to the next level.

Top Right + Salesforce Marketing Cloud

An all-in-one solution that enables the most sophisticated data driven marketing techniques for Shopify stores.

  • Programs that drive the highest ROI: Welcome and convert new subscribers; recover carts; thank, reward and win-back customers; segment and target based on past purchase and browsing activity.
  • Simplify and automate to save time: Point and click to create personalized messages and automate emails based on data and behaviors.
  • Dive deep to stand out from the crowd: The enterprise level toolset powered by Top Right and the Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables you to customize any element of your program, not just follow along packaged wizards.

Top Right Complete

100% embedded within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Top Right Complete for Shopify is built on a state of the art “big data” platform.

Users get complete access to robust customer data, the Marketing Cloud Email application and guidance and support for the Marketing Cloud directly from Top Right.

By structuring the data in an actionable format, Top Right enables the use of the latest filtering tools within Salesforce Marketing Cloud to perform all segmentation tasks. Application settings and revenue reporting are embedded as a tab within the Marketing Cloud so there is no 3rd party login that occurs.

To make it more accessible, Top Right provides a detailed knowledgebase of task specific tutorials and ongoing guidance to improve results.

It’s simply the most robust, turnkey customer intelligence and email marketing solution for Shopify! stores on the market.